• The New House Company founder, Katie Corish

  • Posted on June 26, 2017
  • It was 1981 when Katie Corish realized a noticeable gap in the housing market of Charlottesville, Virginia. Corish saw that the housing needs of many individuals were simply not being met to their fullest potential; that buyers, sellers and renters were not necessarily coming together properly through traditional agencies or firms to have the best results for both their properties or their residential living needs. So Corish decided to fill the void and founded The New House Company -- a business that would aid buyers and sellers, including investors, with home purchasing options, but also aid renters who wanted to find a suitable house in the Charlottesville area. As part of The New House Company’s offerings, Corish also extended management services for the properties, from traditional agency work in property transactions to property management for homes that were leased through them. This full breadth of services allowed The New House Company to stand out and grow within the area under Corish’s leadership.

    Corish, however, was diagnosed with myelofibrosis -- a disease that took her life in November 2015. Her legacy lives on though through The New House Company which continues in Charlottesville under her colleagues with whom she ran the business for decades. Corish loved people and working through problems, connecting with the community. These ideals live on in the business today.

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