• The New House Company & The Charlottesville Real Estate Market

  • Posted on March 29, 2017
  • The New House Company exists to give their clientele’s real estate needs the care and results that are needed. This is true whether the real estate need concerns purchases, sales, or investments. The New House Company is a unique real estate company that works chiefly in the Charlottesville, Virginia-area. Individuals are invited to look through The New House Company’s listings, which are updated consistently.

    Katie Corish founded The New House Company in 1981. She did this because she saw a need in Charlottesville for a new real estate company that could creatively problem solve. It was her hope that The New House Company would be able to find common ground and offer creative solutions for both buyers and sellers. The increasing complexity of the Charlottesville-area real estate market has led to more and more clients seeing the need for problem solving firms like The New House Company.

    In Charlottesville, The New House Company has seen clients formerly involved in real estate sales become more interested in investment properties, tenants become more interested in buying, and people who previously had no interest in investment suddenly take a strong interest. These shifting interests in the real estate market of Charlottesville has been a new challenge for The New House Company, but one that the company has risen to.

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